Mike Derham

Mike Derham is chair of PPI's Innovative Economy Project.



By / 11.25.2009

Having just joined the Progressive Policy Institute from a stint on Wall Street, I’d like to offer a different perspective on the financial transactions tax (FTT). Last week, Lee Drutman argued in favor of an FTT, saying that a transaction tax modeled after the one our British friends have would raise much-needed funds. Writing in light […]


By / 11.24.2009

Listening to the Scorpions’ “Wind of Change” while sitting in a restaurant in Pristina, the capital of the disputed Republic of Kosovo, on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it hit me that Kosovo is an underplayed success story of nation-building. From an oppressed corner of Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, Kosovo has turned […]


By / 11.9.2009

A little over one year since his election, President Obama has been tepid at best on the issue of trade. The tariffs on Chinese tires, while not the administration’s finest hour, have not ignited the trade war its detractors feared. But in an era of economic uncertainty, the U.S. needs to reassert its global leadership […]


By / 11.4.2009

Here in New York City, big numbers always dominate the local news. While it’s easy to talk about how Mike Bloomberg spent at least $90 million to squeak out a win in his race for a third term as mayor yesterday, these days the big number mentioned is $5.4 billion. That’s the amount that local developer […]


By / 10.30.2009

News this morning is that after simmering for four months, the political crisis that has paralyzed Honduras is drawing to a close. In an agreement (English translation) between deposed President Mel Zelaya and de facto leader Roberto Micheletti’s representatives, Zelaya’s fate will be thrown to Congress. With the legislative body’s approval, Zelaya would be lame duck president in […]


By / 10.23.2009

    The radio show This American Life is a staple in every progressive’s listening schedule, and I’m no different. While occasionally there’s a show that I end up fast-forwarding through, more often than not it’s better to just pop some popcorn and listen. This past week’s episode was the second of a two-part series the […]


By / 10.22.2009

Yesterday, word was leaked that after telling Bank of America head honcho Ken Lewis to expect a goose-egg in salary for 2009, the Obama administration pay czar Ken Feinberg was going to give pay cuts to chief executives at four other financial firms, including Citigroup and AIG, and the automakers GM and Chrysler. While no […]


By / 10.20.2009

Variable pricing — charging different prices at different times — usually gets referenced in public policy debates as congestion pricing or cordon pricing: a fee to drive in a certain area during rush hour. As is often the case in urban planning, Singapore has been on the cutting edge of this, first trying it out […]