Olivia Marshall

Olivia Marshall is a research assistant at the Progressive Policy Institute.



By / 9.8.2011

As President Obama puts the finishing touches on his jobs package, let’s hope it includes a helping hand for Americans on the lowest rungs of the job ladder—those struggling to make the transition from welfare to work. President Clinton’s landmark 1996 welfare reform ended the old entitlement to public assistance, limiting the time people can […]


By / 7.20.2011

Back in April, House Republicans tried to kill funding for a couple of the right’s favorite bête noires: Planned Parenthood and the Title X federal grant program for family planning. Stymied by Senate Democrats, conservative culture warriors have moved on to what they see as more promising battlegrounds: states with GOP governors or legislatures.   […]


By / 6.29.2011

Graduation season is upon us, but the approximately 1.3 million high school students who dropped out this year won’t be hearing “Pomp and Circumstance.” These dropouts are disproportionately black and Hispanic, and overwhelmingly poor. Since failing to finish school contributes mightily to poverty and inequality in America, increasing high school graduation rates should be an […]