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Marshall for The Daily Beast, “What Democrats Can Learn From Hillary Clinton’s Tragedy”

By / 12.7.2016

As Democrats debate why they lost the 2016 electionsHillary Clinton must feel like the star-crossed heroine in a Greek tragedy. She beat Donald Trump handily, by a margin of at least 2.6 million votes. Yet even in winning, the fates (and the Electoral College) have cruelly decreed that she lose.

Compounding the sense of tragedy is Trump’s all-too-characteristic reaction to the embarrassment of not being America’s first choice. He told the nation he’d been cheated, an outright lie lifted from the febrile realm of fake news. That the President-elect is willing to undermine public confidence in the integrity of U.S. elections to salve his wounded vanity reinforces Clinton’s argument that he’s unfit for the job he now holds.

She also won that argument, with plenty of assists from her opponent. Exit polls showed 63% of voters agreed Trump lacked the temperament to be President—but a fifth of them voted for him anyway. Evidently, their desire to shake up Washington outweighed their qualms about Trump’s sociopathic personality and total lack of political experience.

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