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Business Investment in the United States: Facts, Explanations, Puzzles, and Policies Remarks by Jason Furman Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers September 30, 2015 Progressive Policy Institute Washington, D.C. Download remarks It is wonderful to join you at the Progressive Policy Institute’s (PPI) Reviving Private Investment forum. PPI has been an important voice in the economic […]

By / 6.2.2014

There’s a lull in Washington’s budget battles, but it won’t last. Inevitably, the fight will flare up again, because the nation’s spending and tax policies are fundamentally at odds with what it will take to restore shared prosperity in America. For now, though, it’s a relief to be spared another mortifying spectacle of fiscal brinkmanship. […]

By / 2.27.2014

President Obama’s new budget proposes a bold, $300-billion push to modernize the nation’s aging and inadequate transportation systems over the next four years. Here at last is a call for action on the scale we need to get the U.S. economy out of its slow growth rut and back on a high-growth path.  Two generations of […]

By / 12.14.2013

The Murray-Ryan deal sailed through the House yesterday, raising hopes that Washington may be returning, however fitfully, to “regular order” when it comes to the federal budget. At a time when fiscal brinksmanship and 11th hour continuing resolutions have become the new normal, it is easy to forget the years prior when passing an annual […]

By / 12.13.2013

For years, fiscal hawks have been urging elected officials to “go big” on debt reduction.  But as yesterday’s House vote on the Murray-Ryan budget showed, budget minimalism is the art of the possible in today’s Washington. It’s an exceedingly modest agreement that temporarily repairs some of the damage done by the Budget Control Act of […]

By / 4.19.2013

President Obama’s new budget attempts to define a progressive alternative to conservative demands for a politics of austerity. Having just returned from a gathering of center-left parties in Copenhagen, I can report that European progressives are wrestling with the same challenge, and are reaching similar conclusions. There was wide agreement that the wrong answer is […]

By / 3.14.2013

Does the government have a conflict of interest when it comes to student debt? On one hand, the government fills an important role in providing financial access to higher education. But on the other hand, it needs to deleverage a record-level debt that now amounts to over 70% of GDP. This question may seem odd […]

By / 3.7.2013

There is an intense debate as to whether the student debt crisis is a bubble or not. The short answer: yes, but it’s more like a balloon. And the good thing about balloons is that they don’t have to burst; there is an option to deflate them slowly. In some ways the ongoing student debt […]

Writing for the Daily Beast, Will Marshall argues that Obama is in a strong position to challenge the new Congress to pass a fiscal grand bargain early in 2013: The fiscal cliff deal finally passed by the House Tuesday night isn’t likely to lift the public’s rock-bottom esteem for the nation’s elected leaders. It took […]

By / 12.19.2012

Fiscal cliff or not, the coming years are certain to bring cuts in public spending on higher education. The looming sequestration threatens to cut $500 billion in federal discretionary spending starting next year, leaving a multi-billion dollar hole in R&D funding at public universities. State governments have already begun higher education funding cutbacks. So as […]