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By / 12.4.2012

Writing for U.S. News & World Report, Jason Gold  explains the impact of the fiscal cliff on homeowners. With the clock ticking, the nation is engrossed in Washington’s horse wrangling over the fiscal cliff, a nasty double whammy of spending cuts and tax hikes that experts predict could usher in another crippling recession. But while Democrats defend […]

Writing for U.S. News & World Report, Jason Gold explains how the Latinos will influence the future of housing policy: A “Modern Family” coalition of single women, African-Americans, and progressive young voters who are passionate about hot-button social issues helped propel President Barack Obama to a second term this election. But it was the commanding Hispanic vote—Obama […]

In U.S. News & World Report, Jason Gold outlines the five housing issues that will need attention in Obama’s second term: “Underwater homeowners, tight credit availability, and foreclosures have continued to threaten the nascent economic recovery. So when the nation’s serious housing issues were barely mentioned during election campaigning, it left many scratching their heads, […]

By / 10.31.2012

Recent gains in home prices in the authoritative S&P Case Shiller Index seem to confirm the growing impression that a housing recovery is underway. While the data is clear that home values are indeed rising, it is unclear, as I have pointed out previously, whether the fundamentals behind the rise (record low interest rates, investor […]

By / 10.11.2012

America’s stricken housing markets appear to have hit bottom, as home prices rise modestly in many areas across the nation. Now is the time to reduce government’s overwhelming dominance of home lending – Washington guarantees more 90 percent of all new home loans – but don’t expect Congress to decide the fate of mortgage giants […]

By / 9.20.2012

In recent months, a slew of new data from several major indices suggests home prices have found a floor nationally and are now slowly rising. While that may be welcome news to homeowners and a real estate industry battered by years of lost equity and sluggish sales, they might want to keep the champagne on […]

By / 8.28.2012

New data from the S&P Case Shiller Home Price Index reinforce the conventional wisdom: home prices have found a bottom and are rising. That is certainly welcome news for beleaguered homeowners, as well as a skittish housing industry desperate for a psychological boost. It should not mean, however, that Washington policy makers can simply sit […]

By / 8.24.2012

Edward DeMarco, the beleaguered chief of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, announced this week that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will take steps to accelerate “short sales” to reduce home foreclosures. Short sales allow the owner of a mortgage, in this case Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to accept a loan payoff for less than […]

By / 8.15.2012

Even as Mitt Romney basks in praise for his “bold” choice of Rep. Paul Ryan, he’s begun to distance himself from his running mate’s controversial proposals for revamping Medicare and Medicaid. Progressives should also ask Romney what he thinks of another of Ryan’s “bold” ideas: privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Ever since Washington bailed […]

By / 8.3.2012

The Washington Post waded into the principal reduction battle yesterday, endorsing Federal Housing Finance Agency Acting Director Edward DeMarco’s refusal to allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to write down principal balances on delinquent underwater mortgages. The Post editorial endorsed what is a fatally flawed assessment by FHFA of the large potential savings to taxpayers […]