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By / 9.20.2013

In our newest report, “U.S. Investment Heroes of 2013: The Companies Betting on America’s Future,” we highlight the top U.S. Investment Heroes of 2013, as ranked by their U.S. investment. PPI’s ranking of U.S. Investment Heroes for 2013 is led by AT&T, which invested almost $20 billion in the U.S. in 2012. The top five […]

By / 7.29.2013

While I was waiting for my plane at Heathrow on Sunday, I spent a bit of time looking through BEA statistics on investment spending by industry. (That activity may sound remarkably dull and boring, but remember I read stuff like this so you don’t). I put this together this little table showing which industries invested […]

By / 7.19.2013

For many progressives, “getting the Internet right” means addressing what they see as undue market power in the provision of broadband and, even more so, the potential for the abuse of that market power, as the Internet is seen as a landmark tool for social and political empowerment. Crafting a progressive broadband agenda that protects […]

By / 4.19.2013

President Obama’s new budget attempts to define a progressive alternative to conservative demands for a politics of austerity. Having just returned from a gathering of center-left parties in Copenhagen, I can report that European progressives are wrestling with the same challenge, and are reaching similar conclusions. There was wide agreement that the wrong answer is […]

By / 11.8.2012

The economy is improving, but the U.S. is still struggling with an investment drought. Capital spending by business is 26% below the long-term trend, and has not yet recovered to pre-recession levels. By comparison, personal consumption has topped its pre-recession levels, and is much closer to the long-term trend. Against that backdrop, it is notable […]

By / 5.21.2012

The House Republicans appear to be conducting a war on economic data. They seem to think that defunding data collection is all gain and no loss. In fact, the anti-data Republicans are really anti-business and anti-growth. Government spending on economic data collection should be thought of as fully equivalent to investment in long-lasting infrastructure. When […]

By / 5.16.2012

Late yesterday marked a formal end to the two-year debate on whether the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), the U.S. export credit agency, deserves to live to see another day. (It does.) What was once a routine process for Ex-Im reauthorization was held back by congressional charges of corporate welfare by the Tea Party. But while the […]

By / 4.30.2012

Sometimes things are not what we think they are. The conventional notion is that government has become more important under President Obama, while the private sector has stagnated. Yet in some ways the data tell a different story. Take a look at this chart: The top (blue) line shows that private nonresidential investment has rebounded […]

PPI Economic and Domestic Policy Director Scott Thomasson testifies today at 10 a.m. before the House Highways and Transit Subcommittee on the National Infrastructure Bank. Thomasson’s testimony as prepared for delivery.

By / 10.3.2011

Date October 6, 2011 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Location 902 Hart Senate Office Building U.S. Capitol Complex Washington, DC 20501 Join PPI and top leaders from the White House, Congress, private industry, labor, and the financial sector to discuss current issues in U.S. infrastructure policy. White House economist Gene Sperling will explain the administration’s […]