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PPI managing director for policy and strategy Anne Kim writes about the gender discrepancy amongst think tank staff in Washington for the Washington Monthly. She elicits why she thinks the particularly strong trend exists as it does.  Every day in Washington, D.C., brings numerous announcements about the various policy events, forums, and conferences around town […]

By / 6.27.2012


More than 300 women, a record high, have filed to run for Congress this year, which means a likely gain of female members come November. In addition to greater parity for women–who’ve been chronically underrepresented–more women in Congress could bring another benefit: Less gridlock.

Female senators have a markedly more bipartisan vote record than their male peers do. Moreover, studies in personality research find that women are more cooperative than men, more willing to compromise, more empathetic and, moreover, more polite.

As Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Woman and Politics at Rutgers University puts it: “Women are more likely to work across the aisle and find compromise.”

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By / 12.13.2011

The official failure of the congressional “supercommittee” came and went without much hand-wringing in Wingnut World; indeed, the prevailing sentiment was quiet satisfaction that Republicans had not “caved” by accepting tax increases as part of any deficit reduction package. It was all a reminder that most conservative activists are not, as advertised, obsessed with reducing […]

By / 11.9.2011

Yesterday was Election Day in scattered parts of the country, and it was not a terribly successful election night in Wingnut World. Two ballot initiatives of special importance to hard-core conservative activists—Ohio’s Issue 2, an effort to overturn the state’s anti-public-union legislation, and Mississippi’s ballot item #26, an initiative to define legally protected human “personhood” […]

By / 8.23.2011

On his show last week, Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball recommended that the president “pork out.” Remember those pet infrastructure projects Republicans sacrificed at the altar of declared fiscal discipline? Matthews wants the president to serve up a feast of pork as a temporary jobs plan. The basic premise of the Matthews’ plan is that […]

By / 7.20.2011

Back in April, House Republicans tried to kill funding for a couple of the right’s favorite bête noires: Planned Parenthood and the Title X federal grant program for family planning. Stymied by Senate Democrats, conservative culture warriors have moved on to what they see as more promising battlegrounds: states with GOP governors or legislatures.   […]

By / 3.30.2011

Over in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Elbert Ventura has an excellent piece about progressives’ inability to develop a “coherent vision” – a guiding sense of history that can provide both context and narrative for progressive accomplishments and ongoing political struggles. Contrast this to the political right, which has, with relentless impetuousness, pushed a once-fringe […]

By / 3.2.2011

One of the salient realities of politics is that much of the contention revolves around efforts to get the news media and the public to focus on events that reinforce one group’s point of view over others.  There are, of course, front-and-center national and international news developments that literally command attention.  But when it comes […]

By / 2.16.2011

The 2011 Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) meeting in Washington over the weekend provided, as always, a sort of dysfunctional family picnic for the self-conscious Right, and an opportunity for a large cast of would-be 2012 presidential candidates to tug the forelock to The Movement and beat up on the godless socialist foe. Aficionados of […]

By / 2.4.2011

Events unfolding in Egypt are cause both for celebration and concern.   Extremely important questions for American national security are at stake in the orientation of the Egyptian government that emerges from this period of upheaval.  A fundamental question looms large: Will the Egypt that emerges be a reliable US ally and a force in for peace […]