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By / 3.28.2011

In the wake of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, new questions are being raised about the future of nuclear power. The President has reaffirmed his support for nuclear power, but the public is still looking for answers. U.S. regulators are currently conducting an exhaustive review of safety systems at the nation’s 104 […]

By / 9.29.2010

Parts of Hungary may well still conjure drab images of the Cold War: bleak and desolate wheat fields, maybe a blue-gray sky, skeletons of Soviet-era construction. Stereotypes, of course, often contain a grain of truth. The New York Times’ recent profile of Oroszlany, some fifty miles east of Budapest, harks back to that bygone era. […]

By / 8.11.2010

As a U.S. Army veteran I am used to dealing with the military, an organization that, by necessity, takes swift and decisive action when necessary, despite the fact that many see it as a conservative organization that is resistant and slow to change. In Washington, I am becoming used to dealing with another organization that […]

By / 8.5.2010

In discussions of the energy bill this summer, talk focused on a price for carbon. This is a vital component in any legislation that would force companies to reduce emissions, either by becoming more efficient or substituting cleaner fuels. But that’s only realistic if cleaner alternatives, like biofuels, are available to replace dirty fossil fuels. […]

By / 6.3.2010

As diligently as cloistered monks, the commentariat is working hard to calibrate the exact amount of political damage the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is doing to the Obama presidency. Woeful analogies come fast and furious: the spill is Obama’s Katrina, or Obama’s hostage crisis, his Jimmy Carter moment. All this would be comical if not […]

By and / 5.11.2010

How to tell a good climate bill from a bad one? This series will guide you through the main issues that are likely to arise in the coming weeks as the Senate takes on climate change. In previous posts, we looked at the crucial, the merely important and the negotiable elements in a climate bill. […]

By / 4.29.2010

In recent months, we at PPI have been doing our level best to call the nation’s attention to a bright green section of the map in the northeast, where Massachusetts is leading the way on virtually every front of environmental regulation and the building of a clean economy. Yesterday, Massachusetts found itself leading the way […]

By / 4.22.2010

When Earth Day was first celebrated 40 years ago today, environmental distress was in our face. Rivers caught fire, oil spills fouled U.S. shores, toxic waste dumps proliferated, and Los Angeles seemed permanently wreathed in smog. Now we worry more about things we don’t see — runoff and waste from farms, growing carbon concentrations in […]

By and / 4.9.2010

Thanks to new drilling techniques, U.S. natural gas reserves may have doubled, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced this week. “That’s a big deal because it will be a transition fuel as we go to renewables,” Chu said at a conference hosted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Chu’s emphasis on natural gas as a bridge […]