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Policy Brief: Another Kick in the Teeth: Loan Limits and the Housing Market

For weeks, August 2—the date on which the U.S. Treasury might have defaulted on its debts—was the deadline that drove policymakers toward a deal on…

PPI Policy Brief: What Would FDR Do?

In recent months, Jack Lew, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have asserted that Social…

Separate War Funding Still Makes No Sense

On Friday, I spent an hour or so with Senate staffers selling the merits of ending the war funding supplemental bills. We remain mired in…

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CNN: The problem with Obama’s budget

The $4 trillion budget President Barack Obama sent Congress on Monday is his blueprint for reviving “middle class opportunity.” Liberals are thrilled by the redistributive…

Wall Street Journal: A Rare Bipartisan Success for Congress

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted in Wall Street Journal piece regarding the rare showing of bipartisanship by Congress in passing the recent spending bill…

America’s job crisis: What entrepreneurs say

The worst economic downturn since the Depression is behind us, but the great American job machine keeps sputtering. Four years into “recovery,” too many Americans…

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Jason Furman Remarks at Recent PPI Event on Reviving Private Investment in the U.S.

Business Investment in the United States: Facts, Explanations, Puzzles, and Policies Remarks by Jason Furman Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers September 30, 2015 Progressive Policy…

Book review: Reclaiming America’s fiscal freedom

There’s a lull in Washington’s budget battles, but it won’t last. Inevitably, the fight will flare up again, because the nation’s spending and tax policies…

Obama Goes Big on Infrastructure

President Obama’s new budget proposes a bold, $300-billion push to modernize the nation’s aging and inadequate transportation systems over the next four years. Here at…

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