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A Brief History of Internet Regulation

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Proposals to regulate the Internet are often presented as “new” solutions to deal with modern problems, but the most significant of these proposals,…

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NYT: Obama’s Call for Net Neutrality Sets Up Fight Over Rules

PPI Chief Economic Strategist was interviewed by the New York Times in a story detailing President Obama’s recent endorsement of Title II regulation of broadband…

The FCC Chairman Steps Into The Abyss

Last Friday, Gautham Nagesh reported that the FCC  was inching closer to adopting a proposal put forward by Mozilla as its solution to the net…

Energy investment boom drives economic recovery

Americans seem to have a love-hate relationship with major energy companies. On the one hand, our iconic brands are global leaders and symbols of U.S….

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PPI Abroad: “Digital Trade Study Group” Recap

Last week (April 22-25), PPI returned to Europe for an intensive round of high-level meetings and one big public event in three capitals, Paris, Brussels…

The Secret Ingredient for Solving Economic Inequality: Savings

In his second inaugural address, President Obama laid out a bold vision for solving economic inequality. “We are true to our creed,” he said, “when…

San Bernardino County Strikes Measure to Use Eminent Domain

Earlier today the Joint Power Authority, municipal body constructed by the county of San Bernardino, California voted not to consider using the power of eminent…

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