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A Brief History of Internet Regulation

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Proposals to regulate the Internet are often presented as “new” solutions to deal with modern problems, but the most significant of these proposals,…

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New Yorker: More Freedom on the Airplane, if Nowhere Else

The New Yorker‘s James Surowiecki referenced a study by PPI’s Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist, in an article about the true value of digitally based…

Ending the Consumption Bias

Progressives need a bolder plan for overcoming structural impediments to more robust growth It’s time for progressives to move on from a consumption based model…

The Untouchable Economy: Why Americans Are Turning Against ‘Stuff’

Writing for The Atlantic, PPI’s Michael Mandel argues that young people are viewing themselves as microbusinesses operating in a highly uncertain economic environment. Millennials are…

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The Secret Ingredient for Solving Economic Inequality: Savings

In his second inaugural address, President Obama laid out a bold vision for solving economic inequality. “We are true to our creed,” he said, “when…

San Bernardino County Strikes Measure to Use Eminent Domain

Earlier today the Joint Power Authority, municipal body constructed by the county of San Bernardino, California voted not to consider using the power of eminent…

AT&T’s Investment Challenge to Corporate America

The economy is improving, but the U.S. is still struggling with an investment drought. Capital spending by business is 26% below the long-term trend, and…

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