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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: The First Principle of Tax Reform

Overhauling the federal tax system is one of the most important steps U.S. political leaders can take to promote economic growth and fairness. It is…

The Defense Budget Sleight of Hand That’s Costing You Billions

Look, I get it. If you’re not a budget wonk, I can understand how you might not care about this stuff. But if you’re a…

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The American Prospect: Investments and Entitlements

Entitlement programs have tended to squeeze out public investment. What is there to be done about that? Having rolled the rock of entitlement reform up…

Democrats Must Avoid Republican Economic Anarchism

Economic calamity begets radical politics. America’s worst financial panic and recession since the 1930s gave birth to the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements….

Why Boehner’s to Blame

The government of the United States of America is closed for business today, courtesy of the Republican Party. It’s a national embarrassment, like a scene…

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Restoring Regular Order

The Murray-Ryan deal sailed through the House yesterday, raising hopes that Washington may be returning, however fitfully, to “regular order” when it comes to the…

Ungrand Bargain

For years, fiscal hawks have been urging elected officials to “go big” on debt reduction.  But as yesterday’s House vote on the Murray-Ryan budget showed,…

“Cut and Invest” vs. Austerity

President Obama’s new budget attempts to define a progressive alternative to conservative demands for a politics of austerity. Having just returned from a gathering of…

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