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Union Voters and Democrats

Top Democratic and union leaders play host this week to prospective 2012 Congressional candidates, highlighting labor’s status as a critical cog in progressive campaigns. Some…

The Politics of Evasion: Democrats and the Presidency

The Democratic Party’s 1988 presidential defeat demonstrated that the party’s problems would not disappear, as many had hoped, once Ronald Reagan left the White House….

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Cuomo schools De Blasio

“We will save charter schools,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) assured thousands of students and their families at a recent rally in Albany. Save…

Putin Is a Threat to the Free World America Helped Build

In occupying Crimea, Vladimir Putin has brought the Russian bear, snarling and clawing, out of its post-Cold War hibernation. An anxious world awaits America’s response….

Financial Times: Barack Obama battles a sense of drift on State of the Union goals

Barney Jopson writing for Financial Times quoted Michael Mandel, PPI’s Chief Economic Strategist, this morning.  Jopson’s article reflected on the President Obama’s accomplishments of 2013…

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Keep Nuclear Energy On The Table

On Tuesday, President Obama’s State of the Union address touched briefly on the all-of-the-above energy strategy that his administration has made a priority for the…

Restoring Regular Order

The Murray-Ryan deal sailed through the House yesterday, raising hopes that Washington may be returning, however fitfully, to “regular order” when it comes to the…

Ungrand Bargain

For years, fiscal hawks have been urging elected officials to “go big” on debt reduction.  But as yesterday’s House vote on the Murray-Ryan budget showed,…

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