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Argentina: The Road to the App Economy

All around the world we are seeing the rise of the App Economy—jobs, companies, and economic growth created by the production and distribution of mobile…

PPI Poll: Swing Voters In Swing States Hold Balance In 2016

In this era of political polarization, it is tempting to assume the political center no longer exists. If this were true, it would certainly simplify…

Unleashing Innovation and Growth: A Progressive Alternative to Populism

As Americans choose a new president in 2016, populist anger dominates the campaign. To hear Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders tell it, America is…

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The Hill: How ‘Brexit’ would inflame populism abroad — and here in the US

The ‘Brexit’ tide at last seems to have hit the sturdy seawall of British common sense. Heading into today’s national referendum, polls show rising support…

The Hill: Trade is popular in swing states, among Democrats

The Hill’s Vicki Needham cited a PPI poll and quoted both PPI President Will Marshall and Senior Fellow for Trade and Global Opportunity Ed Gerwin…

Does ‘Deadbeat Donald’ Have Any Money?

On Saturday, Donald Trump issued an “emergency” appeal seeking $100,000 for his campaign “to help get our ads on the air.” This was odd for…

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Press Release: PPI Statement on USITC Report Concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 19, 2016 Contact: Cody Tucker,, 202-775-0106; Steven Chlapecka,, 202-525-3931 WASHINGTON—Ed Gerwin, senior fellow for trade and global opportunity at…

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