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Give Our Kids a Break: How Three-Year Degrees Can Cut the Cost of College

The American higher education system is the finest in the world. Our universities and colleges are unmatched, and we have more highly rated schools than…

Young Americans: Is Recovery Coming?

Young Americans – the 80 million Americans age 16-34 – have had a rough recession and an almost non-existent recovery. This is reinforced by the…

Student Debt: The FAQs on Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

In August 2013, President Obama announced a major drive to increase enrollment in “Pay As You Earn” (PAYE), a federal student loan repayment option based…

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Washington Examiner: Think Tanks: College graduates struggle in current economy

In a collection of think tank reports on employment for recent college graduates, the Washington Examiner extensively quoted PPI Economist Diana G. Carew’s blog post…

ABC Action News: To cut college costs – cut college

ABC Action News interviewed PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weisntein regarding his recent policy report, Give Our Kids a Break: How Three-Year Degrees Can Cut the Cost…

Daily Record: The three-year bachelor’s degree?

In an article on education reform, The Daily Record discussed PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weinstein’s paper on three-year college degrees: What if the traditional four-year…

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Surprising New Data on Young College Graduates

Despite falling unemployment and a recovering labor market, young college graduates continue to struggle in today’s economy. Analysis of new data reveals the real wages…

MarketWatch: Is three-year college an idea whose time has come?

PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weinstein talks with MarketWatch’s Adrienne Mitchell on how switching to three-year programs will help solve the college-debt crisis. Read PPI’s latest…

The Great Squeeze Continues to Hit Young People

The latest jobs numbers, along with new research from the Federal Reserve and Brookings, reaffirms what I’ve been writing for some time: the Great Squeeze…

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Jobs and Wages for Young Americans: Is Recovery Coming?
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Carew to Discuss Student Debt at NCHER Conference
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