Entitlement Reform


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The American Prospect: Investments and Entitlements

Entitlement programs have tended to squeeze out public investment. What is there to be done about that? Having rolled the rock of entitlement reform up…

Fiscal Cliff Deal Could Show the Way Toward a Grand Bargain

Writing for the Daily Beast, Will Marshall argues that Obama is in a strong position to challenge the new Congress to pass a fiscal grand…

Fiscal Cliff Shouldn’t Scare Homeowners, But 2013 Should

Writing for U.S. News & World Report, Jason Gold  explains the impact of the fiscal cliff on homeowners. With the clock ticking, the nation is engrossed in…

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“Cut and Invest” vs. Austerity

President Obama’s new budget attempts to define a progressive alternative to conservative demands for a politics of austerity. Having just returned from a gathering of…

Why Romney’s Medicare Taxes Are So Low

As the presidential candidates debate the fate of Medicare, it’s worth noting a very simple fact: Mitt Romney paid only 0.07% of his income in…

Simply False: Mitt Romney’s Cynical Welfare Nostalgia

PPI’s Will Marshall, with years of experience in welfare reform during the Clinton years, criticized the false attacks by the Romney campaign on the Obama…

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