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A Fresh Approach to International Investment Rules

Money makes the world go round. Although money flows are global, the rules governing investment are bilateral and regional. Cross-border investment is governed by a…

Bridging The Data Gap: How Digital Innovation Can Drive Growth and Jobs

Seldom has the world stood poised before economic changes destined to bring as much palpable improvement to people’s lives and desirable social transformation as “big…

How Standing Up For Chinese Workers Helps America’s Economy

China may look like an unstoppable economic juggernaut, but it is increasingly beset at home by worker protests and strikes. Last June, for example, security…

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Giving up on economic growth?

Growth should be at the centre of the social democratic agenda. Raising levels of economic security and equality are important goals, but it’s economic growth…

Iraq: It’s Not About Us

The debate over how to keep Iraq from falling apart reveals a peculiarly American kind of self-centeredness. When things blow up abroad, we often spend…

CNN: No time to turn back on world’s most combustible region

Suddenly, Iraq is coming apart at the seams. Its government seems powerless to stop the rapid advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,…

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Adapting U.S. China Policy to the Information Age

Since the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square 25 years ago today, the U.S. has not hesitated to criticize China’s dismal record on human rights and…

PPI Abroad: “Digital Trade Study Group” Recap

Last week (April 22-25), PPI returned to Europe for an intensive round of high-level meetings and one big public event in three capitals, Paris, Brussels…

China’s Data Fog

China recently released its January trade data, showing export growth of 10.6% and performing way above predictions – if you believe the numbers.  Many don’t….

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