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The Blame Game: Multinational Taxation in an Era of Knowledge

U.S.-based companies such as Google, McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple, and Mi-crosoft are being attacked by European politicians for not paying their fair share of taxes. For…

The Digital Opportunity: Democratizing Trade for the 99 Percent

Trade critics often charge that proposed trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) essentially serve the one percent—while harming virtually everyone else. But new…

Taxing Intangibles: The Law of Unintended Consequences

Can efforts to put new and stricter tax rules on tech and other knowledge companies actually backfire and hurt global growth? There’s a sense of…

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PPI Applauds Senate Passage of TPA

PPI applauds the Senate for passing Trade Promotion Authority and taking a key step in assuring that America continues to be a global leader in…

Marshall for CNN: Can Cameron hold U.K. together?

In what must surely rank as the oddest British election in memory, the Conservative Party has won a smashing victory. But so did its nemesis,…

Marshall for CNN: Suddenly Britain looks like Italy

Staid old Britain suddenly looks more like Italy. No less than seven parties are vying for seats in the parliamentary election taking place Thursday, a…

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PPI Returns from 2015 Digital Trade Mission to Europe

Dear Friend, We’re just back from Europe, where last week PPI led a bipartisan delegation of Congressional staff on a four-day swing through three capitals:…

The Hill: Leading out front

President Obama’s forceful speech to the United Nations last week appeared to mark a sharp—and welcome—turn in his thinking about Islamist terrorism and the wisdom…

Five important lessons about America’s long war against Islamist extremism

Yesterday’s airstrikes on Islamic State and other terrorist targets in Syria yield five important lessons about America’s long war against Islamist extremism: First, Syria has…

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