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How Standing Up For Chinese Workers Helps America’s Economy

China may look like an unstoppable economic juggernaut, but it is increasingly beset at home by worker protests and strikes. Last June, for example, security…

Policy Brief: How an Afghanistan-Pakistan Study Group Could Help

In June 2011, the House Appropriations Committee unanimously approved an amendment introduced by U.S. Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va.) that would provide $1 million for the…

The Defense Budget Sleight of Hand That’s Costing You Billions

Look, I get it. If you’re not a budget wonk, I can understand how you might not care about this stuff. But if you’re a…

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Bringing U.S. Energy Policy Into the 21st Century

U.S. lawmakers don’t drive around in 1970s-era cars, yet they don’t seem to mind energy policies that are equally out of date. Attempts to export…

Politico Magazine: Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Is a Mess

If the Crimea crisis has revealed flaws in President Barack Obama’s passive “realism,” it has also exposed the utter incoherence of Rand Paul’s foreign policy—which,…

Putin Is a Threat to the Free World America Helped Build

In occupying Crimea, Vladimir Putin has brought the Russian bear, snarling and clawing, out of its post-Cold War hibernation. An anxious world awaits America’s response….

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China’s Data Fog

China recently released its January trade data, showing export growth of 10.6% and performing way above predictions – if you believe the numbers.  Many don’t….

Innovation from 9 to 5: China’s Economic Test

China is investing more in R&D than the European Union, according to soon-to-be-released data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  This milestone…

Despots Mourn Chávez

Sean Penn lamented that he “lost a friend” when Venezuelan caudillo Hugo Chávez died yesterday. Sean, you’re not alone: So did the world’s dictators. Hugo…

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