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The Obama Trade Agenda: Five Things for Progressives to Like

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama went all in on international trade. The Administration has already been aggressively pursuing the most…

Don’t Listen to the Polls: Why Obama Has More Room for Foreign Activism Than Polls Suggest

It’s become a truism that Americans have turned so far inward that they will not tolerate national security initiatives that carry a risk of major costs…

A Fresh Approach to International Investment Rules

Money makes the world go round. Although money flows are global, the rules governing investment are bilateral and regional. Cross-border investment is governed by a…

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The Hill: Obama trade agenda

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted by Kevin Cirilli in The Hill on the growing tensions in the Democratic party over President Obama’s trade agenda:…

The Hill: The most important talk Clinton gave this week was not about email

This week, Hillary Clinton garnered huge media coverage of her remarks at the United Nations. Yet the truly important comments she made didn’t involve email…

National Journal: The Long War

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted in an article in National Journal regarding the continued fight against Islamic extremism: “Obama has been imprisoned by the Iraq and Afghanistan…

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The Hill: Leading out front

President Obama’s forceful speech to the United Nations last week appeared to mark a sharp—and welcome—turn in his thinking about Islamist terrorism and the wisdom…

Five important lessons about America’s long war against Islamist extremism

Yesterday’s airstrikes on Islamic State and other terrorist targets in Syria yield five important lessons about America’s long war against Islamist extremism: First, Syria has…

Giving up on economic growth?

Growth should be at the centre of the social democratic agenda. Raising levels of economic security and equality are important goals, but it’s economic growth…

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