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FDA Regulation in the Data-Driven Economy

The shift to data-driven growth is one of the most important forces behind the strong performance of the U.S. economy in recent years. Online sales…

Tracking Healthcare Cost Growth Through a New Measure of Productivity

This brief provides a new explanation for why healthcare cost growth is showing restraint. Specifically, we find evidence that the healthcare sector is finally managing…

How Rising Health Costs Slow Wage Growth

Most Americans are painfully aware that their health care premiums are rising faster than other necessities of life. Many also know that their earnings are…

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Press Release: PPI Releases Policy Memo Revealing FDA Regulations Struggling to Keep Up With the Digital Age

WASHINGTON—The amount of regulation on the pharmaceutical industry has increased 40 percent since 2000, according to a policy memo released today by the Progressive Policy…

The American Prospect: Investments and Entitlements

Entitlement programs have tended to squeeze out public investment. What is there to be done about that? Having rolled the rock of entitlement reform up…

MSNBC: What’s Bill Clinton up to on Obamacare?

MSNBC’s Zachary Roth recently quoted Will Marshall, PPI President, on Clinton’s recent push to modify the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) in Congress.  Marshall was asked…

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Why Obamacare is the heart of the new pro-growth, pro-middle class, pro-entrepreneur Democratic Party (sorry, Senator Schumer)

Senator Schumer has made a plausible argument for why Obamacare was a political mistake.  I disagree. Democratic politicians have mainly defended Obamacare on the grounds…

Hacking the Regulatory State: The FDA

I am speaking Thursday at a Cato conference on The Future of U.S. Economic Growth, with a politically diverse group of speakers including Martin Baily, Robert Gordon, Brad…

Why Curing Cancer Will Boost Productivity

An article in Forbes trumpets a new approach to actually curing cancer using the immune system.  The article itself, entitled “Is This How We’ll Cure Cancer?” is…

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