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Unleashing Innovation and Growth: A Progressive Alternative to Populism

As Americans choose a new president in 2016, populist anger dominates the campaign. To hear Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders tell it, America is…

GSE Reform: Not So Fast

Like so many issues in Washington these days, the debate over what to do with the nation’s housing Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE)—Fannie Mae and Freddie…

Recovering Housing Market Solves Principal Reduction Dilemma

Senate Republicans are drawing a bead on Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC), President Obama’s pick to take over as Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency(FHFA)….

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Washington Post: The new Democratic Party proposal to rival Bernie Sanders’ socialism

Simplicity is one of Bernie Sanders’ great strengths: Corporations and the rich have rigged the economy. His solutions sound simple, even when the plans behind…

USA Today: Sizzling tech economy is fueling urban renaissance

In USA Today, Sam Zuckerman discusses the explosion of tech jobs and their impact on urban areas. While Zukerman notes the ability of tech jobs…

Homeownership for millennials to rise faster in N.C. than other states

Writing for Triangle Business Journal, Sarah Chaney quotes PPI Economist Diana Carew on North Carolina’s higher rate of homeownership among Millennials.  As the article describes,…

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Sens. Johnson, Crapo On The Right Track to Housing Reform

The housing sector is one of the pillars of the U.S. economy. That’s why we have marveled at the many partisan and radical proposals to…

Experts Project Home Values Index to End 2013 with Prices Up by 6.7 Percent

On Thursday, Zillow released its quarterly Home Price Expectations Survey showing forecasters expect the website’s Home Value Index to end 2013 with prices up 6.7%….

More Good News for Housing

As the New York Times reported yesterday, the housing market is recovering, consumer confidence is at a five-year high and the market is in the…

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