By / 3.25.2013

The Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform released earlier this year by four Democratic and four Republican senators has been the basis of virtually all the serious discussions about immigration reform going on in Washington these past several weeks. Substantial disagreement has now surfaced over proposed limits on family-based visas as well as over ways […]


By / 7.17.2013

It is looking more likely that the comprehensive immigration bill the Senate passed last month will end up stalling in the GOP-controlled House. Although Republican partisans probably don’t realize it, killing immigration reform could do serious collateral damage to the housing recovery. Most economists believe that bringing 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows […]

ABC News’  Emily Deruy quotes Diana Carew on immigration and unemployment: According to the Department of Labor, just half of young people between 16 and 24 had jobs in July 2012, which is typically the peak for youth employment. That’s up just slightly from 2011. Anti-immigration organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies allege that immigrants […]


By / 1.30.2017

President Trump evidently believes many things that have no basis in fact. Only a week into his presidency, his make-believe world is colliding with reality – to the detriment and even shame of our country. There’s no better example than his order temporarily preventing citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering our country. It is […]

This morning the PPI hosted a breakfast and conversation with special guest, Andrew Leigh. Leigh is an economist and Member of the Australian House of Representatives. He is also the Australian Labour Party’s Shadow Assistant Treasurer. In 2011, Leigh received the “Young Economist Award” from the Economics Society of Australia.  Leigh served as a PPI Fellow en route […]

By / 6.13.2013

The poor showing of the G.O.P. among Latino voters in 2012 is the political subtext for much of the immigration debate in Congress this week. But Republicans also consider the impact of their words and deeds on the nation’ s fastest growing demographic: Asian-American voters, who are at least as invested in the immigration issue […]