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U.S. Investment Heroes of 2014: Investing at Home in a Connected World

In this era of globalization, goods, services, money, people, and data all cross national borders with ease. Indeed, connectedness to the rest of the world…

Jobs in the Australian App Economy

Is Australia ready for the digital economy? This is obviously a subject of great debate, intertwined with decisions about investments in the National Broadband Network…

The State of U.S. Broadband: Is It Competitive? Are We Falling Behind?

Advocates for new regulation of the U.S. broadband Internet base their case on the related contentions that (i) our nation lags behind the rest of…

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WJLA Channel 7: Websites protest FCC ‘fast lanes’ with Internet Slowdown Day

PPI Senior Fellow Hal Singer was quoted in a story by WJLA Channel 7 regarding yesterday’s Internet Slowdown Day, a protest organized by net neutrality…

Forbes: Want To Keep Telecom Investment Going Strong? Avoid Rate Regulation Under Title II

Quants have been studying the million-plus comments submitted to the FCC during the Open Internet proceeding, and unsurprisingly, the vast majority favor net neutrality. But what does that mean? Those pressing…

PPI Report: ‘The Best Path Forward on Net Neutrality’ is to Focus on Investment, Case-by-Case Adjudication

The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) today released a new policy report providing evidence that the best possible resolution to the current “net neutrality” stalemate is…

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Surprising New Data on Young College Graduates

Despite falling unemployment and a recovering labor market, young college graduates continue to struggle in today’s economy. Analysis of new data reveals the real wages…

Giving up on economic growth?

Growth should be at the centre of the social democratic agenda. Raising levels of economic security and equality are important goals, but it’s economic growth…

Senate’s Failure to Move Patent Reform Stifles Innovation

In this year of partisan gridlock, there have been precious few issues that enjoyed broad bi-partisan support. Patent troll reform has been one of them…

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Roma Eventi-Fontana di Trevi Piazza della Pilotta, 4, Piazza della Pilotta, 4
Reforming the Tax Code: A Transatlantic Perspective
Senate Finance Committee Hearing Room – SD215, Washington DC
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Investing in Jobs and Infrastructure: Twin Keys for Metro Growth
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Does Platform Competition Render Common Carriage Irrelevant in an IP world?
Hotel Monaco, The Paris Ballroom, Washington DC
2013 Golden Goose Awards
The Reserve Officer Association Building, Washington DC
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Capitol Hill Briefing: A New Broadband Policy for Progressives
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