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Young Americans: Is Recovery Coming?

Young Americans – the 80 million Americans age 16-34 – have had a rough recession and an almost non-existent recovery. This is reinforced by the…

Student Debt: The FAQs on Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

In August 2013, President Obama announced a major drive to increase enrollment in “Pay As You Earn” (PAYE), a federal student loan repayment option based…

Can the Internet of Everything bring back the High-Growth Economy?

The United States and the other major advanced economies are currently stuck in a seemingly endless twilight of slow growth. The numbers are ugly: The…

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CS Monitor: Whither summer jobs? They’re coming back, but the road is long, experts say.

Diana Carew, PPI economist and director of the Younger American Prosperity Project, was quoted on youth unemployment in The CS Monitor. “You see overall progress,”…

Startup Smart: Australian mobile app market booming as tech job growth outpaces the US and UK

PPI Chief Economic Strategist Dr. Michael Mandel was quoted today in the Australian publication Startup Smart’s article, “Australian mobile app market booming as tech job…

Australian Financial Review: App industry growth picks up mining slack

PPI’s Chief Economic Strategist Dr. Michael Mandel was quoted in an article from the Australian Financial Review this morning. Breaking down Mandel’s recent paper, “Jobs in…

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Immigration Conversation with Australian MP Andrew Leigh

This morning the PPI hosted a breakfast and conversation with special guest, Andrew Leigh. Leigh is an economist and Member of the Australian House of Representatives. He…

Mandel Speaks at All Things Connected Washington Post event

Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist at the Progressive Policy Institute, described the Internet of Things as the “extension of the Internet to the physical world….

Where Government is Working

With the federal government in gridlock, cities step into the breach. Welcome to New Orleans, city of the future. Wait, New Orleans? The decadent old…

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