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A Fresh Approach to International Investment Rules

Money makes the world go round. Although money flows are global, the rules governing investment are bilateral and regional. Cross-border investment is governed by a…

A Brief History of Internet Regulation

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Proposals to regulate the Internet are often presented as “new” solutions to deal with modern problems, but the most significant of these proposals,…

Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth: Surveying New Post-Crisis Evidence

Does an increase in government spending create or destroy private sector jobs? Or more particularly, does additional spending on infrastructure—fixing existing roads and bridges, or…

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Obama Goes Back to War

It’s no small irony that President Obama, who had hoped to earn his Nobel Peace Prize after the fact by ending America’s wars, will speak…

MSNBC: Hillary Clinton’s hard choices on energy

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted by MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald on the Democratic Party’s divide on energy policy. One salutary effect of Republican radicalism is…

KPCC: What growing divisions within Democratic Party over Syria, Iraq mean for the party

Will Marshall discussed Hillary Clinton’s recent interview with the Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg and the tensions within the Democratic Party on KPCC’s Airtalk with Larry Mantle….

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Reclaiming the most powerful tool of reform: Constitutional amendments

At a time when observers across the political spectrum agree that the machinery of American government is broken, the single most powerful mechanism for repair…

Giving up on economic growth?

Growth should be at the centre of the social democratic agenda. Raising levels of economic security and equality are important goals, but it’s economic growth…

Has McDaniel Outplayed Cochran in Mississippi?

Election season is in full swing as states across the country hold primary runoffs today. The nation will be keeping an especially close eye on…

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