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Jobs in the Australian App Economy

Is Australia ready for the digital economy? This is obviously a subject of great debate, intertwined with decisions about investments in the National Broadband Network…

A Fresh Approach to International Investment Rules

Money makes the world go round. Although money flows are global, the rules governing investment are bilateral and regional. Cross-border investment is governed by a…

Bridging The Data Gap: How Digital Innovation Can Drive Growth and Jobs

Seldom has the world stood poised before economic changes destined to bring as much palpable improvement to people’s lives and desirable social transformation as “big…

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Does Ex-Im Bank Need a ‘Third Option’?

Long dogged by claims of corporate welfare, the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) finds itself once again fighting for its survival. At 80 years old, Ex-Im has…

Bloomberg: EU Risks Hurting Growth in Data Safeguard Effort, Study Finds

Rebecca Christie of Bloomberg wrote an article covering PPI’s transatlantic conference and paper release in Brussels last week. The paper, Bridging The Data Gap: How Digital…

PPI Unveils New Study, Rome Conference on “The Data-Driven Economy”

NEWS RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Steven Chlapecka –, T: 202.525.3931 WASHINGTON—Government statistics don’t show it, but the production and consumption of data is…

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Anti-inversion legislation: A “boomerang bill”

There must be a good word for legislation that produces exactly the opposite result that its supporters intend. I know, let’s call it a “boomerang…

China’s Data Fog

China recently released its January trade data, showing export growth of 10.6% and performing way above predictions – if you believe the numbers.  Many don’t….

Innovation from 9 to 5: China’s Economic Test

China is investing more in R&D than the European Union, according to soon-to-be-released data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  This milestone…

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