By / 4.6.2017

Last week, President Donald Trump declared that he would bring back coal jobs, directing the EPA to roll back the Clean Power Plan and other regulations on coal producers. It’s an audacious promise given the recent trajectory of the industry, and most energy experts dismissed it as impossible. But there is one way for Trump […]

A PPI survey was one of the topics of discussion in Politico’s Morning Trade. Veteran Democratic pollster Peter Brodnitz says there’s a big misconception about how voters view trade, noting a new Progressive Policy Institute poll that shows 65 percent of swing voters in four battleground states think manufacturing jobs have been lost to cheap […]

Ed Gerwin, PPI’s senior fellow for trade and global opportunity is quoted in Politico talking about how U.S. elections are effecting TPP negotiations: As the agreement was inked Wednesday, contrarians argue the tough campaign talk on TPP may actually encourage congressional Republicans to embrace it, fearing a historic missed opportunity to anchor the United States strategically and […]

The New Democrat Coalition sees opportunities this fall on taxes, trade, Medicare and others. by Lauren French, POLITICO In the hierarchy of the House, moderate Democrats — a minority in a party already deep in the minority — should be totally powerless. But a group of pro-business Democrats, who allied with President Barack Obama and […]

PPI Senior Fellow Ed Gerwin’s latest report was featured in a trade story by Politico Pro‘s Doug Palmer: A new report urges progressive Democrats opposed to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda with countries in the Asia-Pacific to give it another look, arguing that trade deals support progressive goals in a variety of ways, including by […]

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted by David Nather in Politico on President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union speech: Will Marshall, president of the Progressive Policy Institute, said Obama can still “set the terms of the debate” through executive orders, but what’s at stake is broader than a few executive actions: “Nothing is more […]

A new report by PPI Senior Fellow Hal Singer and Brookings Nonresident Senior Fellow Robert Litan, Outdated Regulations Will Make Consumers Pay More for Broadband, was covered in a story by Politico: Tech companies, public interest advocates and now even President Barack Obama have made the push for reclassifying Internet services as a way to […]

By / 10.10.2014

For all the roller coaster drama of the battle to control the Senate, the midterm elections won’t really change much. No matter which party ends up with a majority, Americans will still wake up on Nov. 5 to a seemingly immutable stalemate in Washington. But pragmatic progressives should take heart. Over the next two years […]

By / 8.15.2014

On Barack Obama’s watch, Democrats have defined their international outlook largely in reactive and negative terms. The president has focused on fixing his predecessor’s mistakes, leaving unclear what positive role he envisions for America in the 21st century. “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” may be sound advice for college-bound kids, but it’s not a foreign policy […]

In his piece, “Searching for Hillary Clinton’s big idea,” David Nather examines Hillary Clinton’s possible run for the presidency in 2016, and how her vision for the country is forming. PPI President Will Marshall offers insight into Hillary’s previous White House experience, specifically on the economy: She had a ringside seat to what a growth agenda can do. […]