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By / 9.28.2015

Back in 2012, the Progressive Policy Institute identified the shortfall in business capital spending— or the “investment drought”, we termed it—as one of the major economic problems facing the U.S. economy. As we wrote then, “su1stainable economic growth, job creation, and rising real wages require domestic business investment.” Unfortunately, three years later, the United States […]

By / 5.19.2015

The Federal Communication Commission’s 2015 Open Internet order threatens innovation in three distinct ways. First, by barring paid priority arrangements, the order undermines innovation in the nascent market for real-time applications like telemedicine and HD voice. Second, because sponsored-data plans (including zero-rating plans) may run afoul of its “general conduct” standard, the order could discourage […]

By and / 4.30.2015

Can tech jobs be a source of economic opportunity and upward mobility for an increasingly diverse American population? Yes—consider two key facts about the labor market recovery, both of which show the potential for tech jobs to empower communities and bring shared prosperity. First, since the recovery began in 2009, tech has created almost as […]

By / 3.3.2015

The power of the Internet has redefined the global economy for the 21st Century. As of 2014, over three billion people around the world were connected. The corresponding boom in Internet-based retailers, news and information providers, and online entertainment and video companies has been just as impressive. Businesses go where the customers are, and increasingly […]

By / 10.16.2014

In a remarkably brief period, America has become awash in oil and natural gas. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) we have surpassed Russia as the world’s leading energy superpower, producing more oil and natural gas combined than any other country. This newfound abundance has turned old assumptions about U.S. energy scarcity and […]

By / 7.30.2014

Is Australia ready for the digital economy? This is obviously a subject of great debate, intertwined with decisions about investments in the National Broadband Network and public concerns about data privacy. It is clear that some parts of the Australian digital economy, notably mobile communications, are quite vibrant. Two recent reports from the Australian Communications […]

By / 5.29.2014

Nowhere is America’s chronic underinvestment in infrastructure more visible than in the nation’s transportation systems, which present a sorry picture of crumbling bridges, congested freeways, shabby airports, crammed transit and slow freight and passenger trains. We strive to be a first-class economy, but we cannot achieve that status with second-rate infrastructure. To put America back […]

By and / 4.24.2014

Seldom has the world stood poised before economic changes destined to bring as much palpable improvement to people’s lives and desirable social transformation as “big data.” Breathless accounts abound of the huge amounts of data that citizens, consumers and  governments now generate on a daily basis in studies ranging from the French Prime Minister’s Commissariat […]

By / 4.24.2014

We show in this paper that the architecture of the Internet dictates that current trade statistics significantly underestimate the magnitude and growth of cross-border data flows. As a result, the contributions of cross-border data flows to global growth and to small businesses are being significantly underestimated. This suggests that trade and tax policy should place more emphasis […]

By / 4.9.2014

Across the political spectrum there is broad agreement that tax reform is long overdue. Yet reform remains an elusive goal—not just in Washington, but also at the state level. Ideological standoffs, the excessive influence of special interests, the impending midterm elections, and mistrust of government are just some of the road blocks to reform. This […]