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By / 6.5.2017

To be elected president, Donald Trump rode a wave of anger and disillusionment among white non-college voters who are bitterly disappointed over their recent economic experiences and hopeless about their futures. Trump exploited their anger brilliantly, feeding them false hopes that he would restore their lost jobs in manufacturing and mining, thus resurrecting the pathways […]

By / 3.23.2017

Many Congressional Republicans regard Donald Trump as an interloper, so it’s not surprising that their political marriage of convenience is already showing signs of strain. They’re bickering over health care now, but the deeper source of discord is the basic incompatibility of conservatism and populism. During the campaign, Trump echoed Republicans in caricaturing Obamacare as […]

By / 3.20.2017

AmeriCorps is the conservative program that conservatives love to hate. AmeriCorps, a domestic Peace Corps, is a federally funded program that provides modest living allowances and college aid to Americans who perform significant amounts of structured community service by responding to natural disasters, boosting education, bolstering public safety, fighting poverty, improving health, helping the environment […]

By / 11.2.2016

POLICIES FOR THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION. PART 8: FEDERAL BUDGET This is the eighth in a series on the major policy ideas — from Left and Right — that should guide the next presidential administration’s agenda. (For the opposing view, see James C. Capretta, “Fiscal Policy After the Election.“) Hillary Clinton’s agenda of investing in people and infrastructure is an important step to righting […]

By / 2.3.2015

The $4 trillion budget President Barack Obama sent Congress on Monday is his blueprint for reviving “middle class opportunity.” Liberals are thrilled by the redistributive thrust of the president’s budget — it would hit affluent Americans with a battery of new tax hikes, totaling $2 trillion over the next decade, and use the proceeds to […]

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted in Wall Street Journal piece regarding the rare showing of bipartisanship by Congress in passing the recent spending bill and whether or not the public should expect more of that moving forward. “Most Republicans agreed…that this wasn’t the right time for them to flex their new political muscles—that will […]

By / 9.25.2014

On August 3, 2014, the first cars drove the new and much-needed Port of Miami Tunnel. The project broke ground in 2010 and was intended to ease congestion in downtown Miami. What set this project apart from others is the way it was financed – through a so-called “public-private partnership” (P3) –  in which a consortium […]

By / 10.8.2013

Economic calamity begets radical politics. America’s worst financial panic and recession since the 1930s gave birth to the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements. Now Occupy seems to be fizzling out, but in Week 2 of a government shutdown, it is looking more likely that Tea Party Republicans could plunge the nation gratuitously into […]

By / 10.1.2013

The government of the United States of America is closed for business today, courtesy of the Republican Party. It’s a national embarrassment, like a scene from the Marx Brothers’ classic 1933 satire “Duck Soup,” only without the anarchic humor. Hail Freedonia! Who produced today’s farce? Was it the Tea Party hotheads, 50 or so House […]

By / 9.27.2013

The worst economic downturn since the Depression is behind us, but the great American job machine keeps sputtering. Four years into “recovery,” too many Americans are still unemployed, underemployed, on disability or out of the workforce altogether. What are U.S. political leaders doing about the nation’s jobs emergency? Next to nothing.  Instead, House Republicans have […]