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By / 7.30.2015

The Highway Trust Fund is a good first step to funding infrastructure, but private investment is key. Before we celebrate pending congressional action over funding for the Highway Trust Fund – be it a short-term deal now or long-term deal later – consider that the United States needs about nine times that amount annually to […]

By / 2.10.2015

Should city governments get into the Internet service business, competing with the likes of Verizon, AT&T and Comcast for the right to pipe the Web into your living room or office? President Obama thinks so. He visited Cedar Falls, Iowa, on Jan. 14 to laud the city’s publicly owned utility, which offers residents fiber-optic Internet. […]

By / 1.29.2015

The Senate will vote soon on what the GOP has made their top legislative priority: expedited approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Given the realities of today’s crude oil market, the political wrangling over Keystone has a decidedly retro feel. The United States has experienced an energy revolution since the Keystone XL pipeline was first proposed seven years ago. Most […]

By / 9.25.2014

On August 3, 2014, the first cars drove the new and much-needed Port of Miami Tunnel. The project broke ground in 2010 and was intended to ease congestion in downtown Miami. What set this project apart from others is the way it was financed – through a so-called “public-private partnership” (P3) –  in which a consortium […]

PPI’s Chief Economic Strategist Dr. Michael Mandel was quoted in an article from the Australian Financial Review this morning. Breaking down Mandel’s recent paper, “Jobs in the Australian App Economy,” the article looks at the Australian app economy’s burgeoning role both nationally and internationally. As the main source of growth in the economy continues to shift […]

By / 6.12.2014

As Congress considers new Internet openness rules to replace the “net neutrality” regulations recently struck down by the courts, critics of U.S. broadband have called for a major overhaul of how we regulate the net. At the extreme, they seek a complete “reclassification” of the Internet as nothing more than a juiced-up telephone, thereby moving […]

In “Public-Private Partnerships Hinge on Tax Policy” Fawn Johnson of the National Journal discusses a policy memo released last week by Diana Carew, economist at PPI. In this article Johnson notes that public-private partnerships are becoming less partisan and more of an across the aisle issue. Johnson also elaborates on Carew’s memo, particularly Carew’s argument […]

In “Government Investment Best Suited for Transportation Infrastructure,” Jessica Washington of Politic365 discusses the recently released report by PPI economists Diana Carew and Dr. Michael Mandel. Washington summarizes the report and agrees that private companies are the best option to provide high-quality and dependable broadband, while the government would be better suited to focus on […]

Fawn Johnson, writing for National Journal, quoted former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on the need for further investment in national infrastructure.  Johnson was the moderator for PPI’s Investing in Jobs and Infrastructure: Twin Keys for Metro Growth event last week and her quote comes from Rendells opening remarks at that event.  In explaining the need for infrastructure invesement, Rendell […]

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Progressive Policy Institute senior fellows Hal J. Singer and Ev Ehrlich today released the following statements after a U.S. Court of Appeals struck down rules by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prohibiting Internet service providers from restricting user access to legal Web content: Hal J. Singer is a senior fellow at PPI: […]