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Simplicity is one of Bernie Sanders’ great strengths: Corporations and the rich have rigged the economy. His solutions sound simple, even when the plans behind them are complicated: college for all, health care for all, tax the rich, break up big banks. He trails Hillary Clinton in presidential delegates to this point, and he remains […]

By / 3.8.2016

In November, the Food & Drug Administration approved for the first time a modified, fast-growing salmon for human consumption. More than five years ago, FDA accepted a risk assessment’s conclusion that the modified fish was safe to eat and posed no threat to the environment. The FDA re-opened the process for additional comment because critics […]

In his analysis of how the two parties still do not agree what caused the 2008 financial crisis, Nick Timiraos of The Wall Street Journal quotes PPI president Will Marshall: Anger at Wall Street among primary voters in both parties illustrates how “extreme antibusiness populism on the left is intersecting with extreme antigovernment populism on the right,” […]

PPI Senior Fellow Hal Singer’s analysis on the impact of the FCC’s net neutrality ruling was cited in the Wall Street Journal: Before Obamanet went into effect, economist Hal Singer of the Progressive Policy Institute predicted in The Wall Street Journal that if price and other regulations were introduced, capital investments by ISPs could quickly […]

By / 6.19.2015

As the presidential campaign season gets underway, it reminds us how much we loath the politics of fear mongering. Half-truths and half-baked policy proposals have become staples of modern campaigns. You betcha! Until recently, there was a difference between campaigning and governing. Governments are supposed to base their decisions on hard facts and real science. […]

By / 5.11.2015

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fast finding itself at the center of the debate over healthcare regulation in the 21st century. At issue: to embrace the power of data-driven innovation, or to stand by the current regulatory paradigm. Fortunately, two major Congressional initiatives may be the push the FDA needs to see the […]

By / 4.30.2015

The Obama administration issued a stinging rebuke of the European Union’s decision this week to allow countries in Europe to “opt-out” of U.S. imports of genetically modified (GM) foods and feed. The U.S. Trade Representative said that such a rule “ignore[s] science-based safety and environmental determinations” that modifying crops in laboratories is no more harmful […]

PPI Statement On FCC Open Internet Order Release Time for Congress to Act WASHINGTON—Dr. Michael Mandel, Chief Economic Strategist of the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), today released the following statement after the FCC published the Open Internet order: “Today, the FCC released the 400 page text of its Open Internet order. From the economic perspective, […]

Will Marshall, President of the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), today released the following statement after the FCC voted in favor of Chairman Wheeler’s Open Internet rules to reclassify the Internet as a public utility: “The FCC’s decision today to impose outmoded telephone regulation on the Internet is a bad call, substantively and politically. “In the […]

PPI Senior Fellow Hal Singer was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in a piece examining the adverse consequences of reclassifying the Internet as a public utility under Title II: “Somebody has to pay for the infrastructure,” said Hal Singer, a consultant and scholar at the Progressive Policy Institute. If ISPs can’t charge content providers, they’ll charge […]