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By / 8.7.2014

This week’s summit in Washington of national leaders from across Africa offers an essential opportunity for the Obama administration to advance one of its stated foreign policy goals: to promote the safety, equality and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the world. But it also presents a precarious balancing act between […]

This week, Diana Carew, director of PPI’s Young American Prosperity Project, was interviewed on Nevada’s Public Radio on the topic of millennial unemployment.  You can find the full recording here; a few summarizing quotes are below. You need an education and training system that’s set up to be dynamic and to meet the needs of […]

By / 6.13.2014

The release of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book once again underscores the unending interest in her as a 2016 candidate. But just what is it that makes her such a formidable front-runner? One important answer is that although Hillary is not the first presidential candidate to be perceived as an heir apparent, as a standard-bearer, […]

By and / 4.15.2014

Over the last week, as you’ve raced to file your taxes by the deadline today, you’ve no doubt been bombarded on talk radio, cable TV, and the opinion pages about how complex and anti-growth the federal income tax system has become. Tax reform is indeed long overdue, but it’s not just the federal code that […]

Barney Jopson, writing for Financial Times, quoted Will Marshall, PPI president, on President Obama’s plan to raise the minimum wage.  The article explores the popular support for a minimum wage hike and the conservative economic arguments against the President’s policy.  Marshall presents an alternative, progressive option to lessen America’s growing inequality: Will Marshall, president of the Progressive […]

Matthew O’Brien writing for The Atlantic highlighted the work of Michael Mandel, PPI’s cheif economic strategist, in a recent survey of “The Most Important Economic Stories of 2013 – in 42 Graphs.”  Mandel’s contribution was a graph reflecting the increasing tech education of minorities:   “The tech boom has opened up new opportunities for minorities. Over […]

In his article for McClatchy Newspapers on “Social Issues and Public Opinion”, David Lightman quotes PPI President Will Marshall: Some saw Barack Obama as a modern-day Franklin Roosevelt, ushering in a 21st century version of New Deal liberalism. Others saw a John F. Kennedy, heralding the dawn of a new progressive age of expanding rights. […]

In his piece on gay marriage for McClatchy Newspapers, David Lightman quotes PPI president Will Marshall: Court cases addressing large social issues can reflect trends already under way in society, seen in popular culture and taking hold in the country’s psyche. The 1954 ruling on desegregation came seven years after Jackie Robinson had integrated baseball. […]

PPI economist, Diana Carew, on CNBC’s Closing Bell discussing the rise of student debt and government investment in education.

PPI managing director for policy and strategy Anne Kim writes about the gender discrepancy amongst think tank staff in Washington for the Washington Monthly. She elicits why she thinks the particularly strong trend exists as it does.  Every day in Washington, D.C., brings numerous announcements about the various policy events, forums, and conferences around town […]