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In his piece for the Daily Beast, John Avlon quotes PPI President Will Marshall, “In a panicky reaction to President Obama’s budget, some liberal groups are trying to chain Democrats to a Norquist-style pledge to defend the status quo on entitlements,” says Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute. “It’s dumber than dumb, but at […]

By / 3.13.2013

If Rep. Paul Ryan was chastened by his 2012 election defeat, it doesn’t show in his latest budget. It’s a defiant reaffirmation of libertarian dogma that makes no pretense of being a realistic blueprint for governing. In fact, the House Budget Committee chairman’s new plan aims to shrink government on an even faster timetable than […]

Writing for Politico, Will Marshall argues that President Obama should counter the Republican’s proposal of balancing the federal budget in 10 years with an achievable goal of stopping the debt growth this year: Republicans have retreated twice this month on the fiscal front, but they aren’t giving up. After having been forced to swallow higher […]

Writing for the Daily Beast, Will Marshall argues that Obama is in a strong position to challenge the new Congress to pass a fiscal grand bargain early in 2013: The fiscal cliff deal finally passed by the House Tuesday night isn’t likely to lift the public’s rock-bottom esteem for the nation’s elected leaders. It took […]

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, PPI President Will Marshall explains why Obama should show some flexibility now and set the stage for a more comprehensive tax overhaul in 2013: Barack Obama is under pressure from his left flank to break House Republicans on the wheel of higher marginal tax rates, but he is showing […]

Writing for Politico‘s Arena , PPI President Will Marshall discuses Obama’s fiscal cliff policy: President Obama holds the whip hand on taxes. He campaigned and won on the explicit promise of raising tax rates on the wealthiest two percent of Americans. It’s the closet thing to a mandate the 2012 elections produced. And polls make […]

By / 12.4.2012

Writing for U.S. News & World Report, Jason Gold  explains the impact of the fiscal cliff on homeowners. With the clock ticking, the nation is engrossed in Washington’s horse wrangling over the fiscal cliff, a nasty double whammy of spending cuts and tax hikes that experts predict could usher in another crippling recession. But while Democrats defend […]

Will Marshall was a panelist at the Fix The Debt policy conference on Tuesday, Dec. 4, discussing two of the biggest issues surrounding federal budget deficits and the national debt – tax reform and healthcare The panel called on Pres. Obama and Congress to tackle the nation’s budget problems.  The group proposed fiscal policies for entitlements, […]

PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weinstein was a guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal discussing the role that the recommendations of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform (also known as the “Simpson-Bowles Commission”) are playing in the ongoing negotiations on averting the “fiscal cliff.” Watch Paul Weinstein here.  

PPI President Will Marshall speaks to The Daily Beast regarding the compromises needed from the left to avoid the fiscal cliff: ‘It appears President Obama is serious about slowing the growth of public health and retirement costs, which is the key to bending down the curve of federal spending,’ says Will Marshall, president and founder […]