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PPI President Will Marshall was quoted in the Financial Times about his thoughts on who Hillary Clinton should choose for her running mate. The improbable elevation of Trump to the GOP nomination leaves open a vast swath of political terrain across the middle. It puts in play all kinds of moderate Republicans, particularly suburbanites, particularly […]

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted in an article from The News & Observer, which discussed the unpopularity of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and how that will affect undecided voters. Somehow a brand is needed that will woo the swing voters, whose top priority is seeing their economic situation improve. That doesn’t lend […]

David Lightman of The Charlotte Observer cited a PPI survey in his article on general election swing voters. One survey in battlegrounds Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Ohio finds that swing voters are 21 percent of the electorate and voted for different parties in the last two elections, 2012 and 2014. They largely call themselves independents (84 […]

By / 5.3.2016

Now that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has announced Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential pick — an unusual move for a presidential candidate trailing in the polls and weeks out from his party’s convention — speculation will inevitably follow about who front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might select as running mates. Not only should […]

PPI President Will Marshall was quoted in a piece from U.S. News & World Report on the unpopularity of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton has a golden resume in conventional terms, having served as secretary of state, U.S. senator from New York and first lady when her husband Bill was president. She is […]

By / 4.29.2016

The nominating contest grinds on, but the Acela primary set the stage for a general election faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump’s solid majorities mean that GOP voters, in their inscrutable wisdom, have spoken, choosing a political neophyte who’s never held any public office, has no discernable governing philosophy, and whose campaign consists […]

A PPI survey was one of the topics of discussion in Politico’s Morning Trade. Veteran Democratic pollster Peter Brodnitz says there’s a big misconception about how voters view trade, noting a new Progressive Policy Institute poll that shows 65 percent of swing voters in four battleground states think manufacturing jobs have been lost to cheap […]

The Financial Times referenced a PPI survey in an article about the American presidential primaries. As the campaigns inch towards the general election, new polling suggests that the eventual Republican and Democratic nominees will have to perform some nimble adjustments to their policy messages if they are to successfully lure swing voters, my colleague Sam […]

A recent poll conducted by the PPI was cited in this McClatchy article on swing voters in the upcoming election. Swing voters aren’t angry. But they’re tired of nasty, strident partisan rhetoric, and they don’t believe the economy is rigged against them. Those are among the findings of a survey of swing voters in four […]

By and / 4.19.2016

In this campaign season of populist anger and demagoguery, bad ideas are bubbling to the surface like marsh gas. Among the worst is protectionism, which would wreak havoc on a U.S. economy that’s finally picking up steam. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have seized on trade as a convenient scapegoat for the nation’s economic […]