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By / 2.28.2014

As the nation binges on Season 2 of “House of Cards,” we have witnessed ruthless House Majority Whip Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) maneuver for the vice president to resign and for himself to be appointed to the position. It’s no spoiler to say that Underwood clearly won’t be content to remain a heartbeat away from […]

By / 1.3.2014

With the U.S. still barely recovered from to al partisan gridlock and political dysfunction, Germany has once again formed a “grand coalition” bringing together the two main center-right and center-left parties, which collectively won more than 70% of the vote in last September’s parliamentary elections. The biggest sticking point? Figuring out the best mechanism for determining the country’s minimum wage. How […]

By / 10.11.2013

If you think a few days of “government shutdown” in the U.S. is bad, consider that in 2010-2011, Belgium had a political crisis that prevented formation of a government for 589 days. What may be most surprising, though, is that the Belgians found a way to keep their government programs and services running without serious […]

By / 9.24.2013

Local governments are about delivering services and getting things done: Fixing highways, running buses, picking up trash, ensuring public safety, educating children. To do their job in an era of tight finances, what’s needed are technologies that make public services better and cheaper, and improve the quality of life for urban Americans without increasing costs. […]

By / 8.22.2013

Our tax code is broken. It’s a simple fact, yet year after year our government leaders fail to address it. Meanwhile, the consequences of the overly complex and poorly designed system are felt by middle-class families and entrepreneurs alike. They benefit little from the existing array of incentives and loopholes, which are mainly targeted to […]

By / 3.15.2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 15, 2013 PRESS CONTACT: Steven Chlapecka – T: 202.525.3931 Progressive Policy Institute to Host Media Teleconference Featuring Robert Shapiro to Discuss the Case for Broad Corporate Tax Reform Teleconference to take place in Advance of Release of Shapiro’s Newest Policy Memo: Anatomy of a Special Tax Break and The Case […]

In an article for NPR, Linton Weeks discusses alternatives to adapt the U.S. presidency to the challenges of today. He cites Raymond A. Smith’s May 2012 policy brief: The Progressive Policy Institute’s Smith believes that the president and the nation could benefit from strengthening the role played by the president’s executive committee — the Cabinet. […]

Writing for the Daily Beast, PPI Senior Fellow Raymond A. Smith lays out policies to improve our presidential elections. President Obama’s second inauguration last week capped a long electoral cycle that began almost two years ago, in early 2011. The stupendous length and cost of America’s presidential elections is a wonder to the world – […]

Writing for the New York Times, PPI Senior Fellow Raymond A. Smith argues for strengthening the role of the president’s cabinet. EVERY four years the cabinet briefly becomes the focus of national attention in December and January — only to fade from view again after Inauguration Day. True, individual cabinet secretaries will be in the […]

By / 11.26.2012

PPI Senior Fellow Jim Arkedis calls for members of Congress to take six-month timeout from raising money in Politico. The 2012 election is over, but don’t tell Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.). No sooner were the votes counted that they were back on the campaign money chase within a week, raising […]