A New Production Economy

America must not return to the easy path of debt-fueled consumption. It is time, instead, to rebuild our country’s productive might. This will require more domestic investment, more innovation, smart investments in infrastructure and more competitive companies and workers. This is why PPI pays special attention to new sources of jobs and growth arising from the telecommunications boom and the “data-driven economy.” At the same time, we must rebuild the competitiveness of more traditional sectors, including manufacturing. We need balanced economic growth to sustain broad, middle-class opportunity.

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Non-US Investment Heroes: Foreign Companies Betting on America

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)—investment in the United States by foreign-based companies—has yet to recover to pre-recessionary levels. In 2011, FDI remained 25 percent below 2008…

The New Politics of Production

It’s easy enough to get progressives to agree that austerity is not the answer to the malaise that pervades the transatlantic world. What’s hard is…

Investment Heroes: Who’s Betting on America’s Future?

American voters are finding it hard to get excited about this year’s presidential election. Job growth is slow. Economic growth is slow. Real wages have…

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Ending the Consumption Bias

Progressives need a bolder plan for overcoming structural impediments to more robust growth It’s time for progressives to move on from a consumption based model…

Stumping Patent Trolls Is The Path To Innovation

At a time when gridlock in Washington has been at an all-time high, there is one high-profile issue where Democrats and Republicans are quickly coming…

Creating jobs: Democrats need to stop business bashing and praise corporate investors

Economic calamity begets radical politics. America’s worst financial panic and recession since the 1930s gave birth to the tea party and Occupy Wall Street. Now…

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