Reinventing Regulation

The single greatest challenge our country faces today is renewing its economic strength and dynamism. This demands not just new economic policies, but also changes in how government regulates business. Our work focuses on removing governmental barriers to innovation, including antitrust, and regulatory reform; tax policy; trade; education and workforce development; infrastructure and telecommunications.

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Regulatory Improvement Commission: A Politically-Viable Approach to U.S. Regulatory Reform

The natural accumulation of federal regulations over time imposes an unintended but significant cost to businesses and to economic growth. However, no effective process currently…

Investment Heroes: Who’s Betting on America’s Future?

American voters are finding it hard to get excited about this year’s presidential election. Job growth is slow. Economic growth is slow. Real wages have…

Occupational Licensing: How A New Guild Mentality Thwarts Innovation

The late economist Mancur Olson would have been a fan of Jonathan Ames. Ames is the creator of the HBO series Bored to Death as…

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The Washington Post: Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet would do more harm than good

President Obama’s call this week to regulate the Internet as a public utility is like pushing to replace the engine of a car that runs…

Press Release: PPI Releases Policy Memo Revealing FDA Regulations Struggling to Keep Up With the Digital Age

WASHINGTON—The amount of regulation on the pharmaceutical industry has increased 40 percent since 2000, according to a policy memo released today by the Progressive Policy…

Is the CFPB Committing Regulatory Overreach?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is touted as one of the crowning achievements of the Dodd-Frank Act. But a new CFPB report on student…

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Mandel: Eliminating an Obsolete Regulation at the FCC

PPI favors the elimination or rewriting of outmoded regulations wherever possible. We believe that clearing the deadwood of obsolete rules is a win-win for consumers,…

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