Reviving Progressive Governance

Polarization and hyper-partisanship are destructive to the fabric of our nation. Without a working political process, we cannot hope to overcome the many challenges our country faces in the coming century. We support reforms that improve our system of elections and campaign finance and that empower the disenfranchised middle.

Rather than reflexively defending government as it is, we also believe in reforming government so that it is efficient, effective and relevant to the concerns of ordinary Americans. We support decentralizing power, breaking down outdated bureaucracies, and innovating in the delivery of public services, particularly in education and social policy. And we believe in creating a fiscally responsible path for the future that balances spending and revenues to maximize economic growth and future opportunity.

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The New Politics of Production

It’s easy enough to get progressives to agree that austerity is not the answer to the malaise that pervades the transatlantic world. What’s hard is…

Ending the Endless Election Season

National elections in the United States now stretch out over nearly 24 months, with each new electoral cycle seeming to start up almost as soon…

Democratic Devolution: How America’s Colleges and Universities Can Strengthen Their Communities

In the face of a deepening economic and political crisis, the U.S. political and governing system is deadlocked. We need a new way forward. The…

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The Easiest Fix for Dark Money: Disclose Less Often

“Politics has got so expensive that it takes lots of money to even get beat with nowadays.” —Will Rogers Super PACs are unquestionably a scandal:…

Progressive Policy Institute to Host Media Teleconference Featuring Robert Shapiro to Discuss the Case for Broad Corporate Tax Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 15, 2013 PRESS CONTACT: Steven Chlapecka – T: 202.525.3931 Progressive Policy Institute to Host Media Teleconference Featuring Robert Shapiro to…

Trickle-Down Bribery, or, The Butch Cassidy Congress

Lindsay Lewis writes in the Daily Beast that the real corruption in Congress is facilitated by congressional staff whose main goal is to keep their…

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The History of Gubernatorial Senate Appointments

Including yesterday’s appointment of Jeffrey Chiesa, there have been 21 gubernatorial appointments to fill U.S. Senate seats since 1993 — nine resulting from deaths and…

Why Romney’s Medicare Taxes Are So Low

As the presidential candidates debate the fate of Medicare, it’s worth noting a very simple fact: Mitt Romney paid only 0.07% of his income in…

Some Good News That Obama Should Be Touting

Will Marshall compiled four positive economic stories for Real Clear Politics that President Obama should be making better use of in his campaign for re-election….

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