The Data-Driven Economy

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The PPI Tech/Info Job Ranking

The last few years have been tough for many cities and localities. Most places have not yet fully recovered from the financial collapse, either in…

The Rebalancing Of The California Economy: How Internet/Tech Jobs Are Spreading Across The State

Over the last year, California has added jobs faster than the country as a whole, in large part because of the booming Internet/tech sector. Indeed,…

Conference Report – The Rise of the Data-Driven Economy: Implications for Growth and Policy

On October 10-12, 2012, the Progressive Policy Institute joined forces with John Cabot University in Rome to highlight the transformative potential of rise of data-driven…

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Wireless Competition Under the Senate’s Microscope

Today the Senate will convene a distinguished panel of experts to discuss the state of wireless competition in America. Although it is trendy among the…

Policy Brief Cited by San Diego Union-Tribune

Writing for San Diego Union Tribune, Mike Freeman cites PPI chief economist Michael Mandel’s policy brief on the spread of technology and internet jobs in California: The Progressive Policy Institute…

PPI Releases New Report on “Internet Economy” — Internet/tech growth has spread far beyond Silicon Valley

NOTE: The Internet Association will host a press briefing call today on release of PPI’s California Internet Economy Study Results. The call will feature opening…

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Can Tech Help Inner City Poverty?

Tech/information companies these days flock to high-density urban areas such as New York and San Francisco. Fewer and fewer entrepreneurs want to put their startup…

Why Tech Growth Enables Progressive Goals

In my New York Times op-ed, “New York, the Silicon City,” published today, I show how the growth of the tech/information sector has been a…

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