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Policy Brief

By / 5.5.2015

Trade critics often charge that proposed trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) essentially serve the one percent—while harming virtually everyone else. But new trade pacts actually present a significant opportunity to drive more inclusive trade—especially by supporting the revolution in digitally enabled global commerce. In this policy brief, we explain why it is […]

Policy Brief

By / 2.26.2015

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama went all in on international trade. The Administration has already been aggressively pursuing the most ambitious set of trade agreements in decades—including potentially groundbreaking deals with 11 Asian-Pacific countries (the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP), and the European Union (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, […]

Policy Memo

By / 7.30.2014

Is Australia ready for the digital economy? This is obviously a subject of great debate, intertwined with decisions about investments in the National Broadband Network and public concerns about data privacy. It is clear that some parts of the Australian digital economy, notably mobile communications, are quite vibrant. Two recent reports from the Australian Communications […]

Policy Report

By / 5.19.2014

Money makes the world go round. Although money flows are global, the rules governing investment are bilateral and regional. Cross-border investment is governed by a patchwork of over 3,000 bilateral investment treaties (BITs), regional and bilateral trade agreements (FTAs) with investment chapters, as well as the trade-related investment provisions of the World Trade Organization. While […]

Policy Memo

By and / 4.24.2014

Seldom has the world stood poised before economic changes destined to bring as much palpable improvement to people’s lives and desirable social transformation as “big data.” Breathless accounts abound of the huge amounts of data that citizens, consumers and  governments now generate on a daily basis in studies ranging from the French Prime Minister’s Commissariat […]

Policy Memo

By / 4.24.2014

We show in this paper that the architecture of the Internet dictates that current trade statistics significantly underestimate the magnitude and growth of cross-border data flows. As a result, the contributions of cross-border data flows to global growth and to small businesses are being significantly underestimated. This suggests that trade and tax policy should place more emphasis […]

Policy Memo

By / 10.4.2012

INTRODUCTION We live in a world where ‘data-driven economic activities’—the production, distribution and use of digital information of all types—are the leading edge of economic growth. Mobile broadband, increasingly available even in poor countries, is fostering a fundamental technological and social transformation.  Big data—the storage, manipulation, and analysis of huge data sets—is changing the way […]

Policy Memo

By and / 5.2.2012

We live in a world where the communications sector is driving the recovery and receiving much attention. We believe that this is the most important ongoing development in the American economy, offering the potential for long-term transformation. But while very important, a boom in communications isn’t enough, alone, to achieve balanced and sustainable growth. We […]

Policy Memo

By and / 3.28.2012

When it comes to manufacturing, most politicians, economists, and journalists agree: the millions of manufacturing jobs lost in recent years are mostly not coming back. Looking at the official data, it’s easy to understand why. Productivity in the sector has continued to climb even as jobs dwindled, so it must be the case that these […]