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Policy Memo

By / 10.4.2012

INTRODUCTION We live in a world where ‘data-driven economic activities’—the production, distribution and use of digital information of all types—are the leading edge of economic growth. Mobile broadband, increasingly available even in poor countries, is fostering a fundamental technological and social transformation.  Big data—the storage, manipulation, and analysis of huge data sets—is changing the way […]

Policy Brief

By and / 7.11.2012

American voters are finding it hard to get excited about this year’s presidential election. Job growth is slow. Economic growth is slow. Real wages have been essentially stagnant since 2009. It’s the same old story as when recovery began three years ago. We are in an atmosphere of economic uncertainty. Voters—swing voters especially—are looking for […]

Policy Memo

By / 4.2.2012

The late economist Mancur Olson would have been a fan of Jonathan Ames. Ames is the creator of the HBO series Bored to Death as well as the eponymous protagonist, an aspiring novelist who moonlights as a private investigator. Olson may have enjoyed the ensuing hijinks, but he would have seen a larger economic lesson […]

Political Memo

By / 3.21.2012

Top Democratic and union leaders play host this week to prospective 2012 Congressional candidates, highlighting labor’s status as a critical cog in progressive campaigns. Some observers believe that, in the aftermath of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to strip the state’s public unions of collective-bargaining rights, labor has found both renewed public sympathy and political […]

Policy Report

By / 2.23.2012

China may look like an unstoppable economic juggernaut, but it is increasingly beset at home by worker protests and strikes. Last June, for example, security officials in Zengcheng, a manufacturing city in southern China, fired tear gas at hundreds of migrant workers who smashed windows and overturned police cars after hearing the rumor that authorities […]

Policy Brief

By / 8.17.2011

Our country is struggling to find a way out of overlapping economic crises. One is cyclical: an agonizingly slow, jobless recovery from a recession made worse by a financial crash. The other crisis is structural. Our economy suffers from a dearth of capital investment and innovation, mismatches between workers’ skills and available jobs, and unsustainable […]