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Policy Report

By / 6.26.2012

Today some 5,600 charter schools are in operation, with more than two million students. Some critics persist in a fruitless argument that these schools have failed, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. But regardless of your opinion about them, charter schools are here to stay. Those concerned about public education should quit debating […]

Policy Brief

By / 1.13.2012

For new college graduates, the world is their oyster. Without many of the real-world burdens the rest of us face, they can do anything they set their mind to. That is, unless they start their careers staggering under a pile of student debt. It would appear that student debt is one rather onerous real-world burden […]

Policy Brief

By and / 9.8.2011

Almost 30 years after the landmark study A Nation at Risk, and the subsequent hundreds of billions spent trying to ramp-up children’s mastery of basic skills through Head Start, Title 1 and No Child Left Behind, American school performance is stuck in wet cement. In the United States today, the majority of low-income children and […]

Policy Memo

By / 10.25.2010

The so-called “gainful employment” rule currently being proposed by the Department of Education (DOE) has generated extensive controversy. The rule, designed to crack down on widespread recruiting frauds that can lead to huge student loan debts and ultimately put taxpayers on the hook, has drawn 90,000 comments. DOE announced recently that it would implement the […]