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Policy Memo

By / 4.4.2011

On Friday, I spent an hour or so with Senate staffers selling the merits of ending the war funding supplemental bills. We remain mired in the midst of budget negotiations, and my aim was to get Hill staff to keep in mind the bigger picture while they’re in the midst of scrutinizing every line-item. As […]

Policy Memo

By / 2.10.2011

Look, I get it. If you’re not a budget wonk, I can understand how you might not care about this stuff. But if you’re a progressive and you’re concerned about the Tea Party destroying the EPA for no good reason, then that’s reason to pay attention. I’ve written a policy memo about something else that […]

Policy Memo

By / 12.14.2010

Read the entire memo It’s clear that China’s Navy is growing in size and quality. Not only does China have the largest navy in East Asia, it has an increasingly modern and capable force of imported and indigenously produced destroyers, frigates, missile patrol craft, and submarines. Beijing is even planning to deploy its own aircraft […]

Policy Memo

By / 10.7.2010

Next week, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will sit down with his Chinese counterpart, General Liang Guanglie, in Hanoi.  Relations between China and the US – at least militarily – have been frosty recently after the US inked an arms deal with Taiwan. This meeting would suggest that no matter how upset either side becomes, […]

Policy Report

By / 5.13.2010

Watch live streaming video from progressivepolicyinstitute at “Unleash us from the tether of fuel.”     — Gen. James Mattis, former commander of the 1st Marine Division, during the drive to Baghdad, March 2003   Executive Summary The Defense Department has embarked on an important set of reforms that focuses on the impact of […]