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CBS News: Will white men sink Obama?

Will Marshall spoke to CBS News on why white men are frustrated with President Obama and the Democratic Party:

The movement of white men away from Democrats over the past four decades, argued Progressive Policy Institute President Will Marshall, is tied to both the culture war and the perception of “a change in the focal point of Democratic economic policymaking.”

“Many white men, and many, in particular, non-college white men, have not seen that the Democratic economic agenda is in their interest,” said Marshall. “There’s an account from the left that says these voters have been estranged from Democrats on social issues. And there’s some truth to that. But I also think these voters believe the economic policies of Democrats have benefitted somebody else – not them. Women, minorities, interest groups. They don’t feel that Democrats have championed the interests of white male voters in modern times as they did in the days of Roosevelt/Truman.”

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