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It’s the Ideology, Stupid

At CNN, Will Marshall argues that the GOP’s real problem is ideology:

Republicans are consoling themselves with the claim that President Barack Obama didn’t win a mandate Tuesday night, even if he did renew his White House lease for another four years. They are fooling themselves, however, if they think the 2012 election merely ratified the political status quo. More than just a personal victory for Obama, the outcome was an unmistakable defeat for GOP ideology.

Disgruntled conservatives, of course, are already dressing Mitt Romney for the part of fall guy. But this is the politics of evasion. Sooner or later, GOP realists will have to reappraise the party’s message rather than shoot its messenger.

That message was a call for rolling back government. Intoxicated by a potent brew of resurgent libertarian dogma and intense personal animus toward Obama, Republicans vowed to undo his major achievements: health care reform, new rules for financial markets, the regulation of carbon emissions, higher fuel economy standards for autos, and so on.

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One response to “It’s the Ideology, Stupid”

  1. Don Bowles

    Will, I think CNN, that left-wing mouthpiece, characterized you as center-left. I would dispute that merely on the basis of your arrogant left-wing tone. You know, if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. So, according to you, the GOP should adopt a trending political philosophy that is an anathema to a huge minority of Americans, thereby leaving these people with no effective voice? Right! I suggest you do a little deeper thinking to examine the possible ramifications of that might be. It’s your ARROGANCE, stupid!

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