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NEWSMAX: Mandel: Obama’s Support of Global Tax Reform Is Big Loser for US

PPI Chief Economic Strategist Michael Mandel was quoted in NEWSMAX regarding the impact of the OECD’s BEPS rules on U.S. jobs and tax revenue:

The Obama administration backs the project to ensure that more corporate tax payments enter the government’s coffers. “But as the project heads for its end-of-year deadline … nobody in Washington is paying attention to a simple fact: the United States lost, and lost big,” Mandel writes in the New York Times.

“BEPS rules will likely not generate more tax revenues for the United States. Instead, they will encourage American companies to quickly move high-paying jobs, such as those of research scientists and software developers, to Europe to take advantage of lower tax rates.”

Without quick corporate tax reform by Congress, BEPS could “turn into an enormous job-and-revenue grab by Europe, and an enormous loss of jobs and revenues by the United States,” Mandel argues.

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