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The Washington Post: Strong net neutrality rules could cost you $84 a year or more in new fees

A new report by PPI Senior Fellow Hal Singer and Brookings Nonresident Senior Fellow Robert Litan, Outdated Regulations Will Make Consumers Pay More for Broadband, was covered in a story by The Washington Post:

In a paper published by the Progressive Policy Institute, Singer and Litan argue that these and other charges stemming from various state and local rules could add $84 or more to a U.S. household’s yearly Internet bill…

The study is the latest effort by opponents of strong net neutrality rules to describe the potential economic fallout of regulating ISPs under Title II. Last month, telecom lobbyists argued to the FCC that aggressive regulation would slow down the pace of industry investment in network upgrades, to the tune of $45 billion over the next five years.

Read the article in its entirety at The Washington Post.