Will Marshall


Lindsay Mark Lewis

Executive Director

Michael Mandel

Chief Economic Strategist

David Osborne

Director of Reinventing America’s Schools

Ed Gerwin

Senior Fellow for Trade & Global Opportunity

Sloane Hurst

Senior Advisor

Cody Tucker

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Jana Plat

Director of State and Local Outreach

Daniel Mack

Operations Manager

Phil Goldberg

Director of the Center for Civil Justice

Paul Weinstein Jr.

Senior Fellow

Michael Quigley

Director, European Office

Elliott Long

Economic Policy Analyst

Emily Langhorne

Education Policy Analyst & Project Manager

Paul Bledsoe

Strategic Adviser

Dane Stangler

Director of Policy Innovation

Rob Keast

Vice President of External Affairs

Anne Kim

Senior Fellow and Director of Domestic & Social Policy

Ben Ritz

Director of the Center for Funding America’s Future

Peter Groff

Senior Fellow of Urban Affairs

Arielle Kane

Director of Health Care

Curtis Valentine

Deputy Director of Reinventing America's Schools Project

Brendan McDermott

Fiscal Policy Analyst