PPI In the News

By / 7.19.2012

The Washington Post covers Diana Carew’s and Michael Mandel’s Investment Heroes paper, focusing on the strong telecoms and energy presence amongst the leading companies. AT&T, Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart are leaders among a top 25 list of corporations still investing within U.S. borders, according to a new study from a progressive think tank. These “Investment […]

PPI In the News

By / 7.17.2012

PPI’s chief economic strategist Michael Mandel discusses whether China does capitalism better than the U.S. on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.”

PPI In the News

By / 12.13.2011

Another post is added to the “PPI in the News” category for the sake of illustrating the theme’s ability to manipulate dynamic content. In this case, the dynamic content is the number of posts associated with a particular category. This post has a featured image but does not contain the same image embedded in the […]

PPI In the News

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This is the launch of the new site. There is a picture of President Barack Obama speaking at a conference honoring various members of the United States Army. The picture is only here to illustrate the theme’s capabilities surrounding a post’s featured image. This post has the photo set as the featured image but also […]