Andie Thomalla

Andie Thomalla is a master's candidate at DePaul University, in the Education Policy Studies and Research department.



By / 2.4.2011

Just before the holidays, the National Center for Teacher Quality released a report evaluating 53 institutions* that train and educate students for the teaching profession in Illinois. Immediately and predictably, all hell broke loose. Schools responded that the report methods and data collection were skewed and lazy—the NCTQ responded back that its methods are well-founded […]


By / 10.13.2010

Recent belt-tightening (forced or otherwise) in education has resulted in major casualties to after-school programs around the nation. As funding priorities shift to privilege teacher prep and accountability, after-school programs have been among the first to get the funding axe. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers, a federal framework to support programs that target under-served or […]