Andrew Yarrow

Andrew L. Yarrow is a PPI Senior Fellow, journalist and author, and historian whose work has focused on issues relating to social and economic well-being, public finance, and contemporary U.S. culture. A former New York Times reporter, he has also worked for the Brookings Institution, the U.S. Department of Labor (where he was a political appointee during the Clinton Administration), Oxfam America, Public Agenda, and the Export-Import Bank; taught 20th-century U.S. history at American University; and has consulted for organizations ranging from UNICEF and the World Bank to the Kettering Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and the American Institutes for Research. At the Times, he covered subjects ranging from the arts and education to business and social trends. Yarrow is also a Senior Fellow in the Financial Security Program at the Aspen Institute, an affiliate scholar with the Institute for American Values, and an affiliate faculty member at George Mason University. He writes for publications such as The Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Baltimore Sun, USA Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the L.A. Times, the Washington Monthly, and Education Week. He has also written many scholarly articles, blogs and chapters of books. Yarrow has spoken on and moderated many public panels and has appeared often on TV and radio. Many of his writings can be found at Yarrow lives in the Washington, DC area, and has master’s degrees from Princeton and Harvard Universities and a Ph.D. from George Mason University, and has studied in Britain and France.


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By / 1.25.2019

A D.C. housing development serves as a refuge for grandparents raising young children. Is it a model for the rest of the country? It’s a few days after Christmas, and Akirah Carter is sitting in her living room, still wearing her Santa-and-reindeer-patterned pajamas and pointed elf slippers as she tinkers with her gifts: a PlayStation […]

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By / 12.4.2018

How did we arrive at a new normal of indifference to living on borrowed money? Federal budget deficits are poised to eclipse $1 trillion in 2020 and may never fall below that level again. There was hardly a word about this once-hot issue among Democrats or Republicans running in the midterm elections. Similar problems of […]

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By / 6.11.2018

I write this article as a freelancer. I take Lyft to get around. I’ve booked an apartment this summer through Airbnb. I’ve been an adjunct professor. I’ve just gotten estimates for roof and other home repairs from men who work for themselves. All of these activities are part of a large universe of what’s come […]

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By / 4.10.2018

It’s not surprising that at a time when it’s hard to trust Facebook, the president and Congress that truths we once found self-evident have given way to disbelief. Many Americans have discarded once taken-for-granted beliefs in democracy, science, God, hard work, reputable information, patriotism, marriage and good manners. Some of these currents cross class, age […]

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By / 12.26.2017

We often hear how “precious” a child is, what a “treasure” she is, and how our kids are “our greatest resource.” Neuroscientists tell us that ages 0-3 are the most critical years for cognitive, social and moral development. Economists and business leaders tell us that early childhood education offers one of the best lifetime returns […]

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By / 11.12.2017

When my son, now in college, started school in Maryland, he went to a private preschool, and only half-day public kindergarten existed. As for most young children in the United States, then and now, public early childhood education was unavailable. Full-day kindergarten is now the norm, and 35 percent of Maryland’s 4 year olds are […]

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By / 5.8.2017

While America succumbed to right-wing nationalism, France rejected it decisively. Democrats should pay attention. Nearly 250 years ago, French ideas and French economic support enabled the success of the American Revolution. With the landslide election of Emmanuel Macron as president of France on Sunday, France could again point the way to a much-needed overhaul of […]