Bryan Hassel

BRYAN C. HASSEL is Co-Director of Public Impact. He consults nationally with leading public agencies, nonprofit organizations and foundations working for dramatic improvements in K-12 education. He is a recognized expert on charter schools, school turnarounds, education entrepreneurship and human capital in education. Dr. Hassel’s recent work includes a chapter on how cutting-edge data strategies could transform public education in the book A Byte at the Apple: Rethinking Data Systems for the Post-NCLB Era and co-authoring “The Big U-Turn: How to bring schools from the brink of doom to stellar success” for Education Next. Dr. Hassel has also served as a consultant to leading efforts to create high-quality charter school systems, including the Mayor of Indianapolis’s charter school office and, more recently, Rhode Island’s creation of a network of mayor-led charter schools.



By / 4.25.2011

Writers usually do not respond to critiques from the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) because they are so one-sided and predictable, especially if a report suggests any potential benefits to charter schools. But since their review of our report for the Progressive Policy Institute on growing the best charter schools, seriously mischaracterizes the research base […]

Op-eds and Articles

By and / 4.14.2011

Charter schools are a hot topic in many states this spring. But as New York City knows well, the debate quickly falls into a predictable rut, with partisans wrangling over the virtues and vices of charters themselves. Here’s a much more promising focus: How can we dramatically expand students’ access to the nation’s best charter […]


Public debate continues to rage about the role of public charter schools in education reform. Policymakers and philanthropists across the political spectrum – some with qualifications, others with none at all – have flocked to support charters as an alternative to district schools with stagnant learning outcomes. In response, critics of charters such as Diane […]