Diana G. Carew

Diana G. Carew is a PPI senior fellow and a doctoral fellow at the Pardee RAND Graduate School


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By / 11.19.2014

Innovating in the digital age requires flexible rules that keep pace with the latest technology. This is especially true in the video services market, where change has been fast and furious. That’s why Congress should act to repeal an expensive and innovation-restricting requirement on the design of set-top cable boxes — without limiting the choice […]


By / 10.29.2014

The shift to data-driven growth is one of the most important forces behind the strong performance of the U.S. economy in recent years. Online sales are up by 16% over the past year, and Americans are getting more and more of their information online. Indeed, data-related products and services account for roughly 30% of real […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 10.22.2014

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is touted as one of the crowning achievements of the Dodd-Frank Act. But a new CFPB report on student loans is highly flawed, raising doubts about its regulatory reach over the private student-loan market. The CFPB was created to bring all consumer financial products under one regulatory umbrella. It […]


By / 9.29.2014

Despite falling unemployment and a recovering labor market, young college graduates continue to struggle in today’s economy. Analysis of new data reveals the real wages of young college graduates surprisingly fell in 2013, by 1.3 percent. The decline reverses a slight uptick in 2012, and continues along a ten-year trend in which real average earnings […]

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By / 9.25.2014

On August 3, 2014, the first cars drove the new and much-needed Port of Miami Tunnel. The project broke ground in 2010 and was intended to ease congestion in downtown Miami. What set this project apart from others is the way it was financed – through a so-called “public-private partnership” (P3) –  in which a consortium […]


By and / 9.10.2014

In this era of globalization, goods, services, money, people, and data all cross national borders with ease. Indeed, connectedness to the rest of the world is now essential for the data-driven economy we find ourselves in to thrive. It follows that our tax, trade, immigration, and regulatory policies must be oriented to encourage that connectedness. […]


By and / 9.9.2014

The shift to data-driven growth is the single most important reason why the U.S. economy is far outperforming the European economy these days. Online sales are up by 16 percent over the past year, and Americans are getting more and more of their information online, spending an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook […]


By / 9.5.2014

The latest jobs numbers, along with new research from the Federal Reserve and Brookings, reaffirms what I’ve been writing for some time: the Great Squeeze in labor force participation is hitting the young and least educated the hardest. Further, the conclusion that this drop is a structural problem bolsters my argument that both a slow-growth economy […]

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By / 8.9.2014

Technological change is nothing new, but the speed of innovation in recent years has been unprecedented. It took decades to go from railroads to private cars, or from Kitty Hawk to the Jet Age. Yet we have sprinted from simple cell phones to smartphones carrying the entire Internet – plus apps – for every purpose […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 7.1.2014

Long dogged by claims of corporate welfare, the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) finds itself once again fighting for its survival. At 80 years old, Ex-Im has always won the fight. But this time, a “third option” of reform might just be what it needs — one that focuses on making the agency better, not closing its […]